PSvox mobile

You no longer need access to a computer to record dictations: your smartphone will now suffice.

PSvox Mobile is a digital dictation application for smartphones intended for professionals. It provides several functionalities that optimize dictation taking and enables users to record anywhere at any time. It also allows uniform distribution for all users, which facilitates its deployment in your organization. You may thus personalize the application according to your needs and automatically standardize the configurations between all your users.

Primarily developed for the hospital field and its special requirements, PSvox Mobile provides:

  • Secured access;
  • Multisite management and personalized models that allow healthcare professionals to make dictations for several hospitals or private clinics;
  • Vocal file transfer by e-mail or the secured FTP server of your medical establishment;
  • Faultless traceability by recording all the actions in the system;
  • High-quality voice recordings;

You may also modify the existing vocal reports by adding instruction or modification tracks, and by personalizing the information attached to the files.



Electronic file

Diagnostic imaging and the medical report are extremely important in a patient file. This is why Imagem developed its own vision of the medical file. Personalized and participative medicine is growing in North America, finally inviting the patient to participate in their medical health file. To become a true health file, it must be more than a work tool that gathers the hospital care periods for professionals. In this regard, we are confident that it must also contain prevention information. This file must be unique and accessible from anywhere. To achieve this, Imagem uses sound modern technologies:

  • Web applications;
  • Cloud computing;
  • Distributed diagnostic imaging;
  • Big Data.


We excel in integrating systems. It covers the entire requirements of clinical systems with its products and it integrates them with those of third parties. Integration includes orchestrating all the products around the patient records. We are the only company to offer the infrastructure required for startup and for customized and adapted operation. This is about an operation:

  • That is dynamic with the other information systems (interoperability);
  • That provides access to data, research, treatments, and reports;
  • With secure encryption;
  • Multisite, with set creation for resource sharing;
  • With a tight layer of logging to control the actions and files, and to grant specific rights reserved for certain types of users

A person’s health depends on many more factors than the mere number of former medical acts. A true healthcare file must initially contain all the information pertaining to the relevant lifestyle and environment, must be accessible online and must be under the control of the patient who owns it.

Our certifications
Always searching for improvement

To provide the best possible service, Imagem has been committed to seeking continual improvement ever since its foundation. The company is keen to demonstrate its effectiveness in implementing the quality monitoring system for its processes and products. External audits are carried out annually by the BSI Group, a certified ISO certification auditor. This is proof of the seriousness of this commitment.

Health Canada Active Licenced

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We gained their trust

“We have been using the Imagem PSscript medical transcription system since 2010-2011. It is very functional, comprehensive and rapid to use and master. It provides a wide range of possibilities to manage all kinds of needs and requests according to numerous search criteria and our needs and characteristics. In April 2016, the hospitals of our area were merged. The dictation system and medical transcription are managed with the Imagem PSadmin software, that is synchronized with all the various related systems according to the services and departments of our institutions. Our punctual questions and problems are handled rapidly and the answers provided by the personnel are clear. We can count on courteous and professional personnel to help us with our application management work and to support us when needed with more demanding problems.”

Éléna Proulx, Secrétaire médicale à la transcription Archives médicales CIUSSS du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

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