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Company Description

Imagem is proud of its ability to provide technologies to the health care field, where its most valuable experience lies. Imagem could not be of service without its understanding of the challenges and obstacles that healthcare professionals face daily.

Invented for Life

Imagem has vast knowledge and considerable expertise in information technologies applied to the healthcare field, with over 25 years of experience. However, in this constantly changing world, we especially developed our ability to adapt and our expertise in system integration. Our information systems, that we designed entirely, integrate a wide range of technological platforms. Advanced software supports thousands of users and connections simultaneously, millions of inputs in databases and numerous harmonized software.

Imagem provides unfailing support to the vital activities of doctors and nurses in health care institutions, with nearly perfect continuity (over 99,99 %).


In the healthcare field, Imagem’s mission is to design and integrate technologies using innovative and high-performance products intended to improve information quality and accessibility and to assist professionals in their work.


Imagem is synonymous with quality, reliability, and rigor. With the expertise it has accumulated, it contributes to the continual improvement of the healthcare field.

At the service of life since













Imagem was founded by Jacques Gagnon, who is still leading the firm. Initially, it carried out work in  research, development and technological adaptation. Its work led to installing medical software to trace human contours for the radiation oncology departments at the Chicoutimi and Rimouski hospitals.

Activity startup

The La Baie hospital entrusted the firm in providing a medical imaging scanning and communication system. This project enabled the hospital to continue its radiology operations because their radiologist could work remotely, a first in the healthcare network.

Imagem grows

Imagem signs a contract with Carrefour de santé de Jonquière, now called CIUSSS du Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean, to supply and install the Postscriptum Suite and Interview Suite, confirming its expertise in diagnosis imaging.

Winner of the 2003 Canada Innovation Economic Development Award granted by the Chambre de Commerce de Chicoutimi

Imagem wins the Canada Innovation Economic Development Award.

Use of voice recognition

Imagem develops foreground and background voice recognition for the PostScriptum Suite using the American company Nuance products.

Partnership with COMDIC

Imagem joins COMDIC for the first partnership between Imagem and a reseller. Imagem installs medical transcription in all the hospitals in the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region.

ISO 13485 certification

This international certification applies to the requirements for quality systems regarding the design/development, production and installation of medical devices and associated services

ISO 9001 certification

This certification applies to the requirements for quality management systems when an organization must show its ability to constantly provide products and services, in compliance with customer requirements and the applicable legal and regulatory requirements. It must also seek to constantly improve customer satisfaction through effective products and services.

Imagem expands

Numerous major customers resorted to its products and services. Over 40 healthcare establishments then constantly rely on Imagem products and services, including those in the entire Quebec part of the Ottawa Region and the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean region.

Nomination for the 2015 Economic Award Gala

Imagem is finalist for the 2015 Economic Award Gala in the Technological Innovation category.

IMAGEM continues to expand

Two major university hospitals resort to Imagem products and services : CHUM (Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal) and the MUHC (McGill University Health Centre).

Image change

To reflect its changes in approach and the evolution of its expertise, Imagem initiates the renewal of its web platform and its image.

Imagem goes to Cameroon

At the request of the health ministry of Cameroon, Imagem traveled to Yaoundé to discuss the importance of the medical health record and the computerization of clinical systems.

3 322 293

transcribed dictations up to March 2017.

6 464 606

studied diagnostic imaging up to March 2017.


radiologists are using our products

A nimble and progressive approach

Imagem has medical software in over forty hospitals in Quebec, including large university health centers such as the CHUM (Centre Hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal) and the MUHC (McGill University Health Centre). Thousands of professionals are constantly dedicated to providing health care for patients, using computerized systems designed by Imagem.

Imagem not only guarantees to provide products that meet the most demanding standards of rigor and quality, it is certified ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and approved by Health Canada. Our cloud facilities comply with ISO 27001.

Imagem proposes a nimble and progressive approach that gives the customer the opportunity to validate the effectiveness of Imagem with a low risk.

Our certifications
Always searching for improvement

To provide the best possible service, Imagem has been committed to seeking continual improvement ever since its foundation. The company is keen to demonstrate its effectiveness in implementing the quality monitoring system for its processes and products. External audits are carried out annually by the BSI Group, a certified ISO certification auditor. This is proof of the seriousness of this commitment.

Health Canada Active Licenced

Senior management
Jacques Gagnon | CEO
Jean-Claude Maltais | Assistant to the CEO
Manon Tremblay | Financial Deputy Manager
Myriam Gauthier | Technical Support Director
Keven Lavoie | Operations Director
Jasmin Tremblay | Research & Development Director
Sylvain Jalbert | Technical Support Deputy Director/Analyst Programmer
Laval Bolduc | Research & Development Consultant
Robin Allard | Research & Development Consultant
Jean-Sébastien Girard | Analyst Programmer
David Gagnon | Analyst Programmer
David Turcotte | Analyst Programmer
Marc-Eddy Lafontant | Analyst Programmer
Florian Duchesne | Computer Technician
Marie-Eve Cantin | Copywriter/Technical Writer/Language Advisor
Our clients
We gained their trust

“From my experience of the last 35 years, I have worked in several hospitals with different models of diagnostic devices, but also with various software for the acquisition and interpretation of these sophisticated diagnostic tests. The current requirements for these computer systems are now very high. They must meet very specific criteria:

• be complete;

• covering all areas of diagnostic radiology;

• fast, efficient;

• user-friendly: easy to learn and use;

• reliable with minimal downtime and maintenance;

• Flexible to allow the customization of the system according to the needs of the individuals and according to the evolution of the technology and the needs of the customers.

In addition, they must meet essential requirements to ensure their functionality:

• access to technical support at all times in the event of a breakdown;

• accessibility to personnel for modifications necessary for the smooth operation of the system;

• competent and constantly listening to users.

I had the opportunity to work on a very high-speed daily basis with the new Gemini software for high-tech X-ray interpretation consoles. I have to admit that this new software has handily passed its entrance exam. I was greatly impressed by the overall quality of the software, which was very effective for its early days in the field of daily work. It has the advantage of being designed by a Quebec company, where dynamic, computer-oriented young people are thoroughly familiar with the system and are available to quickly and efficiently make the necessary changes to meet our needs. Dialogue is easy, listening attentively. The answer is always personal.”

Dr Réjean-Yves Lévesque, Radiologiste, CSSS de Jonquière

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